Originally built in 1938 as a service station, the building at 9th and Main reflects a bit of the Art Deco style of the times with its curved front windows. It has sat empty until 2009, waiting for someone with the vision to return it to use. Now, Strings Sports Brewery is born! Stay tuned for new developments as the project progresses!


String Music

Named after the sound the net makes when you make a nothing but net shot. Scott Adeeb was given the nickname String as a kid by his brother.

Section 215 Blonde Ale

The Adeeb family and friends have called Section 215 home most Sunday’s during the fall for almost a decade. DUUUVAL!

Red Caps Red Ale

Named in honor of the baseball team known as the Jacksonville Red Caps of the Negro American League. The team, based out of Jacksonville from 1938-1942, played at Durkee Field, which is now known as J.P. Small Park.

Bullet Bob Hazy IPA

Named after Jacksonville native, Robert Lee “Bullet Bob” Hayes was an Olympic sprinter turned American Football wide receiver. The Matthew Gilbert High School Alumnus is the only athlete to win an Olympic Gold Medal and a Superbowl ring.

6-4-3 Double IPA

Named after the positions involved in completing a routine double play in baseball. Starting with the shortstop (6) to the second baseman (4) and lastly to the first baseman (3).

Best Kid on the Block

Named in honor of Major League Baseball player Ben Gamel. Ben, a Jacksonville native, was drafted by the New York Yankees in 2010 straight out of high school at Bishop Kenny High School. Ben grew up down the street from our two owners, Trevor and Colby Adeeb, and truly was the best kid on the block for all neighborhood events!

One Six Hazy IPA

Nickname for the first overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft and Jacksonville Jaguar Quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence has worn the number 16 ever since his high school days. The city of Jacksonville and Strings Sports Brewery are excited to see the numbers One Six on a teal jersey!

Southpaw Sour

Southpaw (Noun): A left-handed person; a boxer who leads with the right hand or a left handed baseball pitcher. An approachable, rotating, fresh-fruit kettle sour that is tart, light, and refreshing.

Golden Sombrero

A baseball term for the humbling feat of striking out 4 times in one game. A feat that both Adeeb brothers are proud to say they accomplished, maybe once or twice in their careers. This refreshing mexican lager has a bright golden color, crisp clean finish with a hint of sweetness.


Scott Adeeb "String"

Scotty was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL and is a true family man. He has been married for 30 years and is excited to open this brewery with his two sons. Scotty’s parents grew up in Springfield and both attended Kirby Smith Jr. High and Andrew Jacksonville High School. Furthermore, Scotty is keeping with family tradition in regards to business ownership in the Jacksonville area. His father owned The 3 Jays restaurant in Springfield in 1941 and continued to go on to own numerous restaurants in Jacksonville. Scotty’s brothers, Barry and Joe own the Beach Diner’s and Bono’s, respectively. Personally, Scotty has owned the Bono’s on San Pablo since 2006 and has always had a passion to be his own boss. Scotty says, “I’m excited to bring this full circle with my family and help rebuild Springfield.”


Trevor Adeeb General Manager

Since a child, Trevor has been attending Jacksonville Jaguars games with his dad. Now older and a season ticket holder, Trevor considers himself one of the biggest fans in the city. An avid golfer, you can frequently find Trevor at Jacksonville area golf courses. With a patient and meticulous personality, Trevor has a knack for creating quality beer.


Colby Adeeb Brewer

Growing up in Neptune Beach, Colby has been a Jacksonville Jaguars fan from a young age and has been a season ticket holder himself for seven years and counting. Colby is very involved in the Crossift community and enjoys the thrill of competition. With an active personality, Colby loves the hands-on element of brewing beer.